• ❀ 100% Silk Scarf

    Natural mulberry silk, comfortable and breathable

  • ❀ Double-sided Silk Scarf

    Bright colors, vibrant patterns on both sides

  • ❀ Medium Square Silk Scarf

    Simple, versatile and fashionable outfits

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Mulberry silk is nature's gift to us, the hand embroidery art captures the beauty and aspiration for life. It's a hymn to life.

Suzhou Silk Hand Embroidery

Suzhou embroidery is a traditional folk craft in Suzhou. It originated in Suzhou and has a history of more than 3,000 years. Suzhou embroidery is famous for its unique style with a long history, beautiful patterns, ingenious conception, meticulous embroidery, lively stitches, elegant colors, and outstanding local characteristics. It is cultural heritage hand embroidery.

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Silk Satin Fabric

Enjoy Mulberry Silk Luxury Comfort & Beauty

Enjoy affordable luxury comfort with our mulberry silk products. Perfect for all.

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  • ❀ Gentle on Skin, Perfect for All

  • ❀ Stay Comfortable All Day Long

  • ❀ Perfect Partner for Any Outfit

  • ❀ 100% Silk is Strong & Durable

  • ❀ Share Love with Unique Gifts

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Beauty is Infinite. Be Boundless.

We believe that all have infinite power to create, bloom as Lotus. Lotusfloris inspired by the rich and glorious culture.
We hold nature, we embrace the fusion of featured cultures. Create luxurious comfort silk apparel from natural fabrics mulberry silk and handicraft art embroidery. Appreciate the timeless beauty of culture, mine treasures nestled in the multicultural.