How to Care Silk

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  • How to Wash Pure Silk

    When washing the silk, it's recommended to dry clean, not use a washing machine, and not mix it with other clothes.

    Use special detergent/neutral detergent

    When hand washing with water at home, a proper amount of special detergent for silk is available (neutral detergent can be used instead). Do not bleach and alkaline detergent (washing powder, washing soap, soap, etc.).

    Low water temperature & Wash gently

    Water temperature not more than 30℃(86°F). After the detergent is fully dissolved in water, the silk is soaked for 2-3 minutes. Wash gently by hand, and a few drops of white vinegar are available for fixing and shining silk.

    Squeezed out water & Hung dry in shaded

    After being washed with clear water, the water in the silk is squeezed out little by little. Force twisting can't be used.
    Silk should be hung on clean hangers, indoors or in a cool and ventilated place; should not be exposed to the sun!

    Iron at low temperature

    After drying, ironing is available carefully to restore leveling. When ironing, do not exceed a temperature of 110℃ (230℉) on the iron's soleplate. Steam ironing may cause irreversible damage.

  • How to Daily Care & Storage Pure Silk

    Mulberry silk fabric is delicate and exquisite. Please be careful and thoughtful when wearing silk scarves and silk pocket squares.

    1. Don't let silk be hung on sharp objects such as nails and brooches, so as not to cause spinning.

    Warm reminder: When the silk is drawn outside, the silk scarf is laid flat first and slowly tightened along the direction of the silk to make it recover as much as possible.

    2. Silk scarves and silk pocket squares will inevitably have folds or creases after wearing or improper storage, which will be leveled by the ironing machine.

    3. It's recommended that silk scarves be hung by hangers to store for convenience and prevent wrinkles.

    4. Mulberry silk has strong hygroscopicity. When not worn, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, and should not be stored together with camphor balls. At the same time, avoid desiccants, perfume, and cosmetics being contaminated on silk scarves.

    5. Do not be placed in damp or direct sunlight to avoid plaque, mildew spots, yellowing and fading of silk, etc.

  • How to Wash & Maintain Hand-embroidered Silk Scarves & Silk Pocket Squares

    The fabric of silk scarves and shawls embroidered by hand is mulberry silk. Embroidery thread is also silk thread.

    For cleaning

    It's recommended to be sent to a dry cleaner and should not be washed via water; If the conditions are limited and it must be washed, the washing method of silk can be referred to; Ironing at low temperature (≤230℉) is ok for wrinkles and creases after washing or wearing.

    For Wearing

    For silk scarves, shawls, fabrics, and embroidery of hand-made Suzhou embroidery, don't be scratched by sharp objects such as nails and brooches. Embroidery patterns should be not rubbed as much as possible to avoid spinning or scratching.

    For Storage

    For the storage of Suzhou embroidery silk scarves and shawls, smooth hangers are available. It can also be folded flat and put into a silk scarf thread bag or storage box. When in use, if there are creases, it's available to iron them in advance.

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